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The Body's Essence

Beach Bum Scrub

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Have you ever experienced soft skin out of the ocean? After a nice warm bath/shower.  Sand and saltwater are Mother nature's exfoliators. BE's scrubs exfoliate and shines your skin. leaving you feeling hydrated and soft.

Ingredients includes: sugar, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, grapefruit oil , vanilla oil, 

Use: While in the shower or bath wet the body. Make sure the hands are dry. Wet hands can melt and ruin the scrub. Take a generous amount and rub on the desired areas or on the entire body.  Rinse and repeat.

Benefits of butter

Instant skin hydration, increasing skin elasticity & locks in moisture Great for nurturing you beautiful skin. Great for the neckline, lips, elbow, knees,face& cuticle. Reduce stretch marks and scars.

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